Sally Shapiro is the pseudonym of a Swedish vocalist and the name of the Italo disco/synthpop duo composed of Shapiro and musician Johan Agebjörn. Sally Shapiro’s debut album, 2007’s Disco Romance, was produced by Agebjörn. The album received strong reviews, The album was released in North America on 16 October 2007 by Canadian-based indie label Paper Bag Records; it is a ten-track album featuring artwork by Canadian designer Geoff Wilson. Shapiro is notable for shunning publicity and has never revealed her real name. However, in an interview with Swedish webzine Judy in September 2007, she talked for the first time about considering performing live:
“ What if I did a show in Italy, where there’s no-one I know. If I just went onto the stage, did my thing and left without having any further contact if I didn’t want to. Then I’d still be able to keep myself outside of it and just regard it as Sally’s thing.