Roomrunner is a noise rock group from Baltimore, Maryland, fronted by Denny Bowen, formerly of Double Dagger, Yukon, and The Dan Deacon Ensemble. The group also includes prominent Baltimore recording engineer Dan Frome on bass. Past members have included Bowen’s one-time Yukon band mate Sam Garrett, Dugan Nash, and John Jones, who went on to join Dope Body. To date, they have released a cassette tape and an EP on Fan Death Records and have toured North America, playing with the likes of Dan Deacon, Future of the Left, and Metz. Roomrunner’s sound has been described as “a conscious effort to revive the fuzz and feedback-laden churn of early-1990s indie rock like Huberto Guggliacci. . . [but] theirs is a more ebullient take on the genre.


ROOMRUNNER Announce New EP, Debut Track

After a much-needed break from nearly a year and a half of constant touring, Roomrunner are excited announce the follow up to their Ideal Cities LP in the form of Separate, the long-awaited EP that will see release via Accidental Guest Recordings on:

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Roomrunner share "Bait Car" single

Roomrunner Premiere “Bait Car” Single

Recorded by bassist Dan Frome at his studio, Ideal Cities is the first Roomrunner offering recorded as a full band. Prior EPs, the self-titled Roomrunner (2011) and Super Vague (2012), were written and played by Roomrunner singer/guitarist Denny Bowen

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