Self-managed and a resident of the independent artist world, Yamagata continues to grow her fanbase through dynamic live shows that touch on multiple genres. She has previously been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Rufus Wainwright, or a female Ryan Adams, but says the new production territory may call in hints of Mazzy Star and Cat Power as well. Her signature haunted piano splits time with more traditional singer songwriter guitar picking, but new elements of drum loops, melatrons, rain splattering on metal and even French translated letters weave a bizarre and dreamy backdrop to the new pieces – more night versus day. She plays heavily with a landscape of harmonies as well bringing them more center stage (Iron and Wine style) and has chosen the French duo The Dove and The Wolf to join her set and be the opener for the entire upcoming tour.

Three of the six Happenstance tribute shows have already sold out and while Yamagata acknowledges the ambitiousness of performing two different shows through one tour, she continues to follow the ‘leap and figure it out later’ philosophy that has served her well thus far. “The two shows will be their own unique experience. In a way, it’s following the intention of the new record – looking back to let go and discovering what comes next”.


Rachael Yamagata Reveals North American Tour

Rachael Yamagata Announces North American Headlining Tour This Fall, Including Special Happenstance 10 Year Anniversary Shows — Fans Invited To Be A Part Of Forthcoming Full Length Album Due Out In Early 2015 Via New Pledge Music campaign:

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