Hey, we’re PUP – we used to be called Topanga. You can read more about our name change HERE.

PUP is a four-piece punk rock band from Toronto. We play riff-heavy, slap-you-in-the-face songs, dripping with energy, unbridled enthusiasm, and probably too many gang vocals.

We started playing music together in 2011. By summer 2012, we were trying to balance playing 5 shows a week, while hiding our hangovers from our bosses. Apparently, going to work half-shittered is unacceptable in the corporate world. So we came to an agreement: NO MORE BACKUP PLAN HORSESHIT. The next day we all quit our day jobs and came up with some new rules for better living: 1) Play music every day. 2) Play music every night. 3) Get wasted once-in-a-while with your friends. 4) Stay broke and be happy.

So far, Plan A is really working out. Not only are we broke as shit, but we’re happy as hell too. We’ve been lucky enough to have shared the stage with Sloan, Tokyo Police Club, Titus Andronicus and Born Ruffians. We’ve toured across the country and into the states with Hollerado and the Pack A.D. We’ve played sweet slots at NXNE, Pop Montreal, CMW, and a bunch of other fests. What’s not to be happy about?

We have just finished recording our debut full-length with legendary producer Dave Schiffman (Weezer, The Bronx, The Mars Volta). We think it’s rad, and we’re stoked to share it with you. In the meantime, you can check out the new, Dave Schiffman version of LIONHEART streaming on the music tab up top.

We’re a train wreck of grit & hooks. We’re noisy punk-pop lovechildren. We are PUP.