Fronted by singer/rapper/provocateur Jeremy Nutzman, Pony Bwoy explore a wide range of influence, from dance-floor ready anthems to intimate late-night chill zone lullabies. At times it sounds like hushed raps over beats by Plaid, and other times soulful smooth-talk singing over shoegaze electronics, all the while displaying a chemistry between Nutzman and producer Hunter Morley that is wonderfully in tune with each other and complimentary in every way. The two have managed to create a playful, don’t-give-a-fuck persona of explicit content and progressive music, yet somehow made it engaging, timeless, and irresistible.

Pony Bwoy self titled album reviewed by Northern Transmissions, album coming out July 16 on Totally Gross Domestic Product

‘Pony Bwoy’ New Album Review

Pony Bwoy is the latest project from rapper Jeremy Nutzman aka Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, who has teamed up with producer Hunter Morley. The duo is to release a self-titled LP out on Minneapolis label Totally Gross National Product this month

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