Polly Scattergood, is a British singer-songwriter. She has been described as ethereal, dark, intense and quirky, while her musical style has been described as “early 21st century electro-dance-pop of London proper”.

Watch Polly Scattergood's new video for "Subsequently Lost". The EP of the same name will be released on March 11th via Mute Records.

Watch Polly Scattergood’s “Subsequently Lost”

Polly Scattergood has unveiled the new video for her latest single, “Subsequently Lost,” today. The single is out on Mute on March 11th and is taken from her latest album, Arrows, out now. Directed by Tom Payne, who Polly met at a film night he runs in London, explains: “I’ve always thought Polly’s music had a very strong visual,

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