Melbourne three-piece Pearls formed in 2011 and since then have made shimmering sounds that float above their peers. In their time as a band Pearls have supported the likes of Kurt Vile, Marnie Stern, Sons & Daughters, and a myriad of local bands including Crime and City Solution, Total Control & New War. In 2013 Pearls released a split 7” on Glaswegian label RE:PEATER Records and recorded a cover of the Standells’ ‘Dirty Water’ for an Australian 40th Nuggets compilation. Pearls’ debut EP ‘Wait & See’ was full of reverb-drenched, ethereal vocals and a hefty dose of beautiful noise.

The forthcoming LP sees the band honing in their reverb and crafting sleek and melancholy ballads and memorable pop songs. The new material is loaded with melody. The sugar meets the grit with organs and guitars forming a mesmerising wall of sound in front of drums.