In October, Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin released his critically acclaimed record, R Plus Seven, via Warp Records. While the new album contains many familiar sonic touchstones for listeners who have followed the composer’s development over the last half-decade, his Warp Records debut is a major departure from his previous work. Lopatin’s experimental inclinations lurk behind the scenes, while the music itself comes as close as Lopatin has ever gotten to anything resembling traditional song structure. R Plus Seven is disruptive and hypnotic in equal measure, and the fun of it lies in trusting Lopatin as he guides you past — and often through — its succession of walls and mirrors.

Oneohtrix Point Never Announces New Tour. The first show will take place on 11/21 in Paris. Guests on the tour include Tim Hecker and Clouds and Tsembla.

Oneohtrix Point Never Announces New Tour

Electronic composer Oneohtrix Point Never has announced new North American tour dates. A full list of fall and winter tour dates are below. The dates include stops in D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago where Oneohtrix Point Never,

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