The music of No Lands exists in the realm between sonic experimentation and traditional song craft, a space that will be familiar to fans of Brian Eno, Fennesz, and late Talk Talk.

As a sound designer, producer, and programmer, Hammond has fostered a lifelong obsession with sound. Growing up in West Tennessee in the 90s, Hammond first began his recording experiments on the family desktop computer, printing his sprawling opuses on CD-Rs and pushing the limits of primitive processors.

Later, Hammond spent time creating custom music software and soldering together speakers in a search for new sounds. Studying with visionary composer and instrument builder Dan Trueman, Hammond further honed his technical craft. On Negative Space, some of these tools are employed, along with an arsenal of guitars, vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and processed vocals to create pristine and enveloping sound worlds.

No Lands Unveils New Track "Pretender, announces Tour Dates, starting August 11 in Cincinatio, No Lands LP 'Negative Space' comes out 8/29 via New Amsterdam

No Lands Unveils New Track, Tour Dates

New Amsterdam Records has revealed “Pretender” by No Lands, the recording and performing alias of Michael Hammond. “Pretender” comes from No Lands’ upcoming full-length debut Negative Space, due July 29, 2014 via,

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