Mysteries is just as it implies. A few months ago the felte label received an anonymous demo accompanied by a photo of 3 figures, faces covered like some sort of futuristic druids.

There’s a sense that the band would prefer to keep your focus on the music and not who they are, where they come from or what you might perceive them to be before hearing a single note. If you need glorious mug shots and preamble to capture your intrigue, then this is not for you. The album’s title, New Age Music is Here, could even be interpreted as a sarcastic shot at the new listening habits dictated by the constant noise all around us, but is more likely a simple invitation to engage with the music on its own terms, in its own universe.

One thing is certain, ‘New Age Music Is Here’ glows with exotic, crunchy, muscular, expressive pop music built around vocals and drums, rather than the big synth or guitar riffs prevalent today. Almost like a psych-rock, cyborg, 50’s doo-wop Alice Coltrane if you will. Is it truly new age? We definitely haven’t heard much like it.

MYSTERIES share new track "Ev'rything" ahead of their debut LP 'New Age Music'

MYSTERIES share new track ahead of debut LP

With a week until the release of their debut album, Mysteries’ have shared the track ‘Ev’rything’ from the forthcoming record. ‘New Age Music Is Here’ is due Oct 27th via Felte and the full album is available to stream online below. Sharing some light on their elusive mindset, one member of Mysteries’ went on to say “there seems to me to be a disconnection between the way humans are inwardly and outwardly existing at the moment”:

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MYSTERIES share new track of debut LP release on Oct 27th via Felte

MYSTERIES share track, ahead of LP release

Mysteries have shared a new track ‘Authenticity Machine’ from the forthcoming record. The band’s LP ‘New Age Music Is Here’ is set for release on Oct 27th via Felte. This elusive three-piece have garnered a variety of attention since releasing their first ever tracks online, with comparisons being made all the way from Wild Beasts to Depeche Mode:

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Mysteries Unveil New Track “Newly thrown”

Felte has shared “Newly Thrown,” the second single from anonymous trio Mysteries’ upcoming full-length New Age Music Is Here, due October 28, 2014. “Newly Thrown,” follows the release of Mysteries’ first single “Deckard,” is available to stream:

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