Mineral was formed in Houston, TX in 1994 by friends Chris Simpson (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Gomez (bass), Scott McCarver (guitar), and Gabriel Wiley (drums), and proved to be a powerful and lasting influence across a then-burgeoning indie and emo music scene in spite of their short career. The band cut their teeth on the road before recording a single note, touring alongside bands including Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, Texas is the Reason, Knapsack, Braid, and The Get Up Kids. Mineral relocated to Austin and released debut single “Gloria b/w Parking Lot” via Caulfield Records before signing to crank!, which would release their debut The Power Of Failing.

The band signed to Interscope Records and recorded their final album for crank!, EndSerenading, with producer Mark Trombino. Despite the album’s gorgeous and impassioned songs, the writing and recording process proved too difficult and Mineral disbanded before its release, citing creative differences. Simpson and Gomez went on to form The Gloria Record and Wiley founded Pop Unknown; Simpson also occasionally performs under the moniker Zookeeper.