Megafortress is the solo work of Brooklyn artist Bill Gillim. In 2012, Software released his debut s/t EP, a collection of gorgeous vocal meditations and ambient soundscapes. Believer boasts a bolder, naked vocal approach, telling a hauntingly intimate story. The ten songs give shape to a world that on the surface seems sweet and welcoming, but, in time, slowly unravels into a place of disorder, sickness, and disappearance. That ambiguity is written into the album at all levels.

Hear Megafortress' "Live In Grace" first single from forthcoming LP 'Believe'

Megafortress’ shares single from new LP

Believer, the debut full-length from Megafortress, is not a meditation on faith or devotion. It is a search, constantly twisting into darkness, where the identities of every object and intentions of every figure are unclear. The tracks seem to follow a sole searcher, a lost person, for whom faith is not a source:

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