Alternately a tender songwriting project, a blazin-hot jazz-rock combo, or an open forum for goofy one offs and fragile experimentation, it is ultimately whatever Birgy wants it to be on a given day. For ‘Banana’ she has gathered a loose group from Seattle’s thriving experimental pop and improvised music scene, including members of local mainstays like Neighbors and Iji, along with hotshot sax guy Jacob Zimmerman. Sounding equal parts Ariel Pink and Prefab Sprout, they rip through 9 hazy burners with a sneaky tightness hidden behind layers of drizzle and reverb. Birgy’s rich voice croons and bends around the shifting walls of sound, organizing and refocusing the swirl. Representing a unique moment in Birgy’s songwriting and a budding maturation for a bouncy community of oddball pop addicts, ‘Gone Banana’ is an immersive listening experience and a peek into the life of a truly strange soul.

Mega Bog Share New Single "Cologne In The Night" from their Sophomore Album 'Gone Banana' comes out September 23rd via Couple Skate Records, Mega Bog play

Mega Bog Share Single “Cologne In The Night”

Last month Couple Skate shared the lead single from Mega Bog’s forthcoming debut album Gone Banana.The recondite Mega Bog returns today with another cut from the album, sharing the second single “Cologne In The Night.” Mega Bog describes it as,

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