Lushes are a two-piece rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Their first album, what am i doing, was mixed by Adam Cooke (Beach House, Double Dagger), and produced by Bachelorette (Drag City) and lushes, and was released March 4, 2014 on Felte.

Lushes Share "Traffic" Video, Announce Debut European Tour,

Lushes Share “Traffic” Video, European Dates

The song “Traffic” playfully deals with modern anxiety in all its forms, all the little things that can make us blow up and all the tricks we have to calm us down afterward. Instead of making a more abstract video, director Andrew Schneider and Lushes decided to take it back to the source of the song, by shooting the band driving around in New York City. The focus is kept keenly on the emotions etched in their faces:

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