They say: “Constellation stalwarts Do Make Say Think and Exhaust are reference points but it’s the redesigned krautrock of Tortoise that is most suitably comparable to Last Ex’s approach here. Groove, minimalism and disorder all have their place on this album. Occasional tracks, such as ‘Girl Seizure’ and ‘Cape Fear’, make obvious the project’s roots in soundtracking but then there’s the almost danceable opener ‘Hotel Blues’ and the Third era Portishead art rock of ‘Resurrection Drive I’ to contend with. That’s without even mentioning album standout ‘Cite D’or’, which manages to sound a bit like Morricone, The Necks and mid-2000s Radiohead all at once… An absorbing listen, that manages to be both accessible and impenetrable and various points in its duration, let’s hope that there’s more to come from Last Ex.”

Last Ex share video Gabriel Mangold directed video "Girl Seizure",

Last Ex share video “Girl Seizure”

The self-titled debut album from Montreal-Hull-Ottawa instrumental duo Last Ex releases on October 14. The band’s labe l Constellation has already let out album track “Hotel Blues” as part of their Fall 2014 sampler (it’s now available as a stand-alone track here), and today they reveal “Girl Seizure”, accompanied by the animation work of filmmaker:

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