The beginnings of the instrumental responses to Roads

The route that Brooks has taken to reach Land Observations’ eight tracks inspired by and named after Roman Roads began in the late-1990s, when he was a founder member of and guitarist in Appliance, who enlivened the instrumental blueprint of post rock with an elegant motorik murmur.

After releasing four acclaimed albums via Mute, Appliance ended in 2003. Since then, Brooks took a Masters degree in fine art, but music remained a constant. In fact, it was while listening to “solo guitar stuff” such as John Fahey or the artists of the Takoma label, Brooks realised that any future endeavours would see him tread a lone path: “I didn’t want to be in a band any more.”

Attempts to develop a new project alongside his visual art meant that Brooks did a lot of home recording at his flat in Hackney, East London: “my external hard drive is loaded down with all these things,” he says. Land Observations, then, developed out of what lay just a short walk from his front door – the Roman Roads of communication and conquest that stretch from the old City of London and out across England, Scotland, Wales and Europe. He’d always intended for this to be an instrumental project that “was going to be visual, but implied visual, soundscape being the case in point. The title slotted in quite quickly actually, I realised that this is it, I don’t want to be called my own name, I want it to be an umbrella term that allows me to explore different environments or the natural world in some way in musical form.”

After an EP for Enraptured Records and a performance at Mute’s Short Circuit Festival in May 2011, Brooks “realised that I wanted to take it further and make a long-playing record.

Land Observations Reveals Walking The Warm Colonnades Video, Land Observations' latest LP' The Grand Tour'

Land Observations Reveals New Video

Land Observations (aka the musician and artist, James Brooks has unveiled a new video for Walking The Warm Colonnades, taken from his latest album, The Grand Tour. Walking The Warm Colonnades, directed by the artist Phil Coy, continues the themes of The Grand Tour with a journey through vintage tourist photographic slides:

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Land Observations Unveils New Track "Return to Ravenna" taken from his forthcoming album, 'The Grand Tour', to be released on July 29th via Mute Records

Land Observations Debuts Track, LP Out 7/29

Land Observations (aka the musician and artist, James Brooks) has unleashed the new track ‘Return to Ravenna’, taken from his forthcoming album, The Grand Tour, out on July 29th 2014. The track serves as a fitting closer, it simultaneously signifies a,

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Land Observations Announce new album 'The Grand Tour,' the LP comes out July 29th

Land Observations Announce The Grand Tour

The recording process utilized a selection of vintage amplifiers and studio equipment, intentionally enjoying the warmth of analogue tape for assisting to create immersive pastoral motorik. Historically The Grand Tour was a traditional,

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