Lace Curtain is Mikey Young and David West from Total Control, Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox, Eddy Current Suppression Ring et al, exploring an electronic world of pleasure, frustration and sadness. Bedroom dancers, synthetic singers, basement kicks in a romantic void. Influenced by the Germans, the Italians, pale British button pushers, glamorous alien pop futurists, Mid-Western sweat, NYC disco dreamers, undercover kings and queens escaping a dull grey world with rhythm and noise, sound and vision.

Review of Lace Curtains new album 'A Signed Piece Od Paper

Review Of The New Album From Lace Curtains

The biggest mistake first-time listeners can make when picking up A Signed Piece of Paper for the first time is that the album is by Australian dance group Lace Curtain, curiously composed of ex-Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring members and signed to DFA Records. How the former hasn’t been sued by the latter yet is a tale for another time, but Lace Curtains, plural, are certainly no synth-heavy Oz trio. Frontman Michael Coomer:

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