Diving Man is a high-energy album of relentlessly catchy rock songs, searing guitar playing and head-nodding grooves. Guitarist Jon Perry’s dexterous leads shine brightly throughout, with your RDA’s-worth of tasty licks stuffed into each song. Bassist Greg Katz and drummer Harlow Rodriguez lay out bold grooves that recall many of 90’s alternative radio’s heroes, from uberlegends like Nirvana and The Pixies to one-hit wonders like The Toadies and even Camper Van Beethoven. And in that vein, Bobbe shows himself to be a deft melodic craftsman as well – he leaves no song without an indelible vocal hook, from the soaring choruses of “Diving Man” and “Sharks” to the sublime hooks in “Blood Orange” and “Apollo 10.”

LA Font Premiere Video for "Onshore" It was directed by Hank Friedmann who has also directed videos for Other Lives. the band starts their tour in Boston

LA Font Premiere Video for “Onshore”

LA Font, Los Angeles’s distorted-guitar-singalong-with-the-windows-down band, are back with a new video for “Onshore” which premiered today. Set in LA’s Echo Park Lake, the video takes an apocalyptical/ literal approach to the phrase “loose lips sink,

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