Moog Music Announces Plans For Biennial Event Musical performers included Kraftwerk, and Giorgio Moroder M.I.A., Flying Lotus, Dan Deacon, and Factory Floor

Moog Music Announces Plans For Biennial Event

Moog Music announces that Moogfest will be biennial, with the next event scheduled for 2016. Moogfest 2014 was a reboot of the festival, with much of the planning and execution taking place inside the Moog headquarters, just upstairs from where the,

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Kraftwerk Leads 2014 Moogfest Lineup

Electronic Music Pioneers KRAFTWERK 3-D to present 3 Concerts at Moogfest 2014 and a dance party featuring music super producer Nile Rodgers and his band CHIC. Plus exclusive live performances from legendary composer Giorgio Moroder and artist Laurie Anderson.

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