king capisce are one of Sheffield’s most dynamic and revered underground bands

Flitting between cinematic post-rock and jazz-ensemble freeform instrumentals, King Capisce have spent the last 5 years locked away honing-in their sound and, maybe more importantly, becoming better friends. Slowly carving out a sound that straddles both the jazz and the alternative world, they combine elements from both to create a new dynamism that feels honest, uncontrived and unmistakably their own, prompting comparisons to the virtuosic performances that made the careers of The Mars Volta, Get The Blessing and Do Make Say Think.

King Capisce Premiere "Never Spoken"

King Capisce Premiere “Never Spoken”

Cinematic post-rock jazz quintet King Capisce release their second album ‘The Future Cannot Be Born Yet, It Is Waiting For The Past To Die’ on The Audacious Art Experiment on 6th October this year. To celebrate, they are giving away a free download of:

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