Jib Kidder is the performing moniker of musician and artist Sean Schuster-Craig.
Born in Louisville, raised in Georgia, educated in Michigan and bouncing between California and New York ever since, he has spent the last decade exploring a variety of approaches to psychedelic collage. In his audio recordings, songs, videos, sculptures, digital paintings, chalk murals & written work he has attempted to harness the humour and ambiguous poignancy specific to the experience of dreaming.

The latest addition to Schuster-Craig’s unique and under-exposed body of work comes in the form of Teaspoon To The Ocean, his debut album for Weird World, which will be released on January 27, 2015. The eleven acid-country pop songs of Teaspoon…combine the cut-up lyrical style of avant-garde literary great Gertrude Stein with influences ranging from Lindsay Buckingham’s solo material to Meat Puppets by way of Orbison, Gary Numan and Indonesian Campursari and Vietnamese slide guitar playing.