Human Hair have existed in one form or another since 2008. Since their first incarnation, they’ve had 3 different drummers, added a bass player and slowly acquired members that live in the same city – as opposed to travelling between Nottingham and London for band practice.

Throughout this period, the only constants have been vocalist Jack Lenton – a former straight-edge, furniture salesman who is extremely verbose even via SMS – and guitarist Henry Withers, who has seen Lovvers (Wichita) come and go, is the co-founder of Homerton recording studio Sound Savers and grew up in the Transcendental Meditation community in Skelmersdale.

HUMAN HAIR share 'Dinner Date' video their Debut album ‘My Life as a Beast and Lowly Form’ is out now on Marshall Teller/Bad Vibrations

HUMAN HAIR share ‘Dinner Date’ video

Set to headline the Marshall Teller/Bad Vibrations All-Dayer at London’s Shacklewell Arms tomorrow (Saturday 26th July) – alongside performances from nine bands including Echo Lake, Parlour, Dignan Porch and Warm Brains – Human Hair,

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