uthless Sperm. What’s in a name? A whole hell of a lot, actually. Sperm can ruin everything. Persistent little shits that fight their way to the prize. Just one little champ is all it takes to go about fucking things up from the inside out. If this lone soldier gets ahold of its egg of choice, things will break apart, bubble and mutate. A microscopic violence that leads to thirty plus pounds of sludge and flesh. Kiss your hourglass figures goodbye, ladies. Expect convulsive retching in those morning hours as well. Still, beauty tends to be the outcome after all this splashy mess and most parties find a happy, rewarding, worthwhile ending. Most parties. To the unfortunate others, the outcome can be more terrifying than anything dreamed up in a Polanski flick.

His Electro Blue Voice follows a similar path to creation. They set their trajectories on a Kraut-driven rhythm; a haunting, cinematic wash or a mechanically-sound industrial thump. Once the choice is made, it’s guaranteed the trip will be violent and unrelenting. They know how to hammer it home, ruthlessly. Only His Electro Blue Voice doesn’t tell you up front which crooked path is gonna lead you to the finish line. And for the most part, they don’t even know. Songs are conceived, spat out and left to dangle unplanned as the band decides in real time how to go about their completion. Each tune is like a flopping outgrowth that has been shat upon the studio floor. The band then collectively attacks their newborn lump, forcing it to work itself out as the tape machine threatens to unspool like some unholy magnetic and blackened gutpile. Or is that…

His Electro Blue Voice "Ruthless Sperm" Is Out Today. Listen to the album on Sondcloud.

His Electro Blue Voice Shares New Album

Today marks the release of Ruthless Sperm, the debut album by Italian noise-rock band His Electro Blue Voice, available everywhere via Sub Pop. The self-produced album is available on CD, LP and digital and features seven tracks, including the singles “Sea Bug” and “Born/Tired”. Listen to the album now.

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His Electro Blue Voice share new single "Sea Bug" album "Ruthless Sperm" comes out August 19 0n Sub Pop comes out

Listen to His Electro Blue Voice’s “Sea Bug”

Sub Pop will release Ruthless Spermon August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America on CD, LP and digital. The self-produced album is the band’s first full-length release, and it features seven tracks. You can watch the Ruthless Spermalbum trailer here.

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His Electro Blue Voice sign to Sub Pop, share album details

His Electro Blue Voice Signs to Sub Pop

Italian band His Electro Blue Voice will release Ruthless Sperm, their Sub Pop debut, August 19th in Europe and August 20th in North America on CD, LP and digital. The self-produced album is the band’s first full-length release

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