Githead are Colin Newman (Wire), Malka Spigel and Max Franken (Minimal Compact), and Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). But who they are is far less important than what they are: a band, rather than just a collaboration between individuals, each with their own highly regarded creative resume.

They formed in 2004, for what was initially intended as a one-off performance at the Swim record label’s ICA-hosted 10th anniversary event. Over the course of preparations for the gig, though, it quickly became obvious to all involved that there was a natural and rare chemistry between them, one that held the potential for significant organic development.

Githead New Album Waiting For A Sign out December 8th on Swim;

Githead New Album Out December 8th On Swim

Waiting for a Sign marks the return of Githead after a five-year break from recording and is set for release on December 8th via swim~ to coincide with the band’s performance at this year’s DRILL Festival in Brighton.Although Colin Newman, Malka Spigel, Max Franken:

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