South London’s Gentle Friendly craft noisy yet atmospheric music that spans everything from Animal Collective’s hazy melodies to No Age’s tantrums to glitchy electronics and hip-hop-tinged beats. Singer/keyboardist David Morris and drummer Daniel Boyle formed Gentle Friendly in 2007, when one of their friends found a drum kit in the trash and the pair acquired some old keyboards, including a Casio MT-40. An early version of Gentle Friendly also included guitar, but Morris soon scrapped the strings for more portable keyboards. Released in 2008, the Night Tape EP on the No Pain in Pop label introduced their fizzing energy and oddly emotional undercurrents, but Gentle Friendly switched to Upset the Rhythm for their 2009 digital single “RIP Static”/”Clean Breaker.” The band’s debut album, Ride Slow, appeared in the U.K. in late 2009 and was released in the U.S. the following February.

Gentle Friendly releasing their album"KAUA'I O'O A'A" on May 26th via FatCat Records. The first single is "Wild Grass" Gentle Friendly play 6/4 in Bristol

Gentle Friendly to release LP on FatCat

Gentle Friendly are the London-based duo of David Maurice and Richard Manber, whose penchant for circular melodies, tidal fuzz and rapid junked rhythms is delivered via an austere instrumental setup of vocals, Casio MT-40 keyboard,

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