Matthew Daniel Siskin began writing songs as Gambles in August 2012 with no goal or motive other than that the past few years needed addressing, and things that had gone unsaid for too long needed saying. The first song he released publicly, “Trust”, was sang in a single take at the Rare Book Room with no words written. Gambles later returned to the Rare Book Room to record the Far From Your Arms EP and his debut long-player Trust via his own imprint GMBLS. 7 months removed from the release of Trust, Gambles has readied a new four song EP entitled I Can’t Keep Still When It Comes To You.

“I can’t actually keep still, although the title has nothing to do with me”, Matthew tells us from his home recording studio he’s been building piece by piece. “I’m really fortunate that my best friends are both producers, angels basically – an older brother, a younger brother – there to guide me”.

Gambles Releases New EP, shares insight on his video "You Won't Remind it" his EP "I can't sit still when it comes to you is out on Gmbls/Secretly Canadian

Gambles Releases New Album

Gambles has announced the release of his new EP, I Can’t Keep Still When It Comes To You, out now via GMBLS. He also talks about his “You Won’t Remind It” video, which You can check out above. The video focuses on Chris,

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