The debut EP from Toronto’s Frigs comes out Out June 10 via Arts & Crafts, ‘Slush’ sees the four-piece made up of Bria, Duncan, Lucas, and Edan pairing the raw, emotional grunge of PJ Harvey with the immersive, psychedelic post-punk of early Sonic Youth. With each member bringing a unique set of influences, Frigs creates a sound that is hard to pin down and an impression that’s hard to put into words.

Led by the force of Bria’s vocals, the band has earned a reputation for putting on an hypnotic and visceral live performance. Embracing the mercurial and experimental, their shows are built upon instinct; a vocal growl can unexpectedly give way to a hushed whisper; languid drones boil over into guttural and searing tones.

As members of Toronto’s multi-disciplined Heretical Objects Cooperative, community and collaboration are essential to Frigs’ approach and aesthetic. Maintaining the communal, do-it-yourself spirit of their forebearers, the band bought recording equipment and turned their Toronto apartment into a studio where they wrote, engineered, and mixed Slush.

“II” by Frigs

“II” by Frigs

FRIGS recently shared their new single “II”, described a politically inspired, the track is off from their forthcoming full-length Basic Behaviour, out February 23…

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