Christian Fennesz (born 25 December 1962) is an Austrian guitarist active in electronic music, often credited on albums simply as Fennesz.

Fennesz uses guitar[1] and notebook computers to make multilayered compositions that blend melody and conventional musical instruments with harsh, irregular glitch-influenced sounds and washes of white noise. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Fennesz was born and raised in Austria and studied music formally in art school. He started playing guitar around the ages 8 or 9.

He became involved in the Viennese techno scene of the early 1990s. From there on, he began to collect his own equipment and produce music based loosely around guitar and synthesizer sounds.

Since the 1990s, Fennesz played live with Ryuichi Sakamoto, with British electroacoustic improvisation icon Keith Rowe, and with American pop group Sparklehorse. He has also worked alongside Peter Rehberg and Jim O’Rourke in the improvisational trio Fenn O’Berg, and with British singer David Sylvian – Sylvian sang on Fennesz’s album Venice while Fennesz composed the music for “A Fire in the Forest” from Sylvian’s album Blemish and made contributions to Sylvian’s “When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima”. Fennesz also remixed Ulver on the album 1993-2003: First Decade in the Machines, as well as appearing on their 2007 album Shadows of the Sun.

Fennesz had ties with the Vienna-based label Mego, and is now signed to Touch in the UK.

Fennesz and Sakamoto released a collaborative album entitled Cendre in March 2007 on Sakamoto’s new Commmons label, via Touch.

Fennesz performed with singer Mike Patton at the 2007 Moers Festival – marking the first time the two have performed together on stage in Europe, as they have performed in 2006 at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, and will continue to tour Europe together into June.

In 2009 Fennesz teamed up with Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) to create In the Fishtank 15. The following year Fennesz released Szampler, a cassette containing his sample collection on the Tapeworm label. This release was later remixed by Stefan Goldmann and released as Goldmann vs. Fennesz: Remiksz.

In November 2013, Fennesz will play the final holiday camp edition of the world famous All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Camber Sands, England.

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