“EULA is something I took home and was accidentally on time for. As they were setting up nothing about them suggested how awesome and crazy they would sound to me. They were so casual setting up and so sweet and cool to talk to afterwards. I talked to lead guitarist/singer Alyse Lamb and bass player Jeff Maleri, but that’s later after they made me a fan. The drummer from Panda Riot next to me knew who he was about to see and so I trusted this. Loyalty, or frequent observation of your local bands pays off in what they discover along their tours, and what they bring back. It’s been taking me forever trying to describe the music. Where do I start aside from saying I’m a rabid new fan. There is nothing formulaic about them, nothing that sounded too familiar, which is the case with most of what I dislike. When they telegraph what they say, or how they say before they say it and it sounds like a vague trend unaware of itself. EULA tripped no such wire in my head. This band with it’s aggression in the bass, guitar and drums just imprinted a parking spot onto my memory. EULA are not relaxed, casual. They are ready and aggressive, and having fun with it.”

EULA share "Meadows", new 7" out 7/15 on Bloodmoss Records, EULA play their their next live show on July 31st in Brooklyn, NY at Palisades

EULA share “Meadows”, new 7″ out 7/15

Brooklyn’s EULA have shared “Meadows”, the b-side to their new 7″ single, out July 15 on Bloodmoss Records. Earlier this month the band unleashed the A-Side, “Orderly”. The single was recorded by legendary producer Martin Bisi,

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