EMA shares Multi-Media Zine ‘Back To The Void’ EMA plays here next show on Saturday, September, 27

EMA shares Zine ‘Back To The Void’

On September 11th EMA released bonus track “False Flag” which she describes as her “lost generation take on 9/11″ on New Hive. Following up that track, she has put together a 34 page multi-media zine Back To The Void. This zine “demonstrates how it feels to go from being relatively unknown to having a larger online presence:

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EMA on how the internet makes us vulnerable with new track 3Jane. The new EMA album ‘The Future’s Void’ comes out on April 7th through City Slang

EMA shares her new track 3Jane

“Did you know Facebook just bought the company that makes the Oculus Rift? The VR headset I am wearing on the cover of The Future’s Void? People ask me about themes of paranoia,

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