Recording took place between the duo’s Toronto studio and their home studio in LA. Each space served its different purpose – in Toronto Austin was able deploy his extensive vintage synth collection, making up what he estimates is 80% of analog sounds on the album. In LA, the pair recorded Bronwyn’s vocals, of which they share writing duties for — in their space– which includes a film projection room. Fritz Lang’s boundary-breaking twenties classic ‘Metropolis,’ among other films played throughout the making of the record, inspired the eleven original tracks of ‘Innerworld.’ Peter Jackson’s ‘Heavenly Creatures’ inspired their song “Runaway,” while other films such as ‘City of God,’ ‘After Hours,’ ‘Videodrome,’ and more, influenced their recordings, where soundscapes bleed into vocals and songs take you on journeys into roads unexplored. ‘Innerworld’ also features a stark analog synth cover of John McGlynn’s “If All She Has Is You.”

Watch Electric Youth's new Beirut-set video from "'Innerworld' debut LP

Electric Youth Premiere Video For “Runaway”

Electric Youth’s new video for “Runaway” one of the tracks from their debut album ‘Innerworld’ (out today, Secretly Canadian), premiered today. Directed by Noel Paul (Lily Allen, Portugal. The Man) and filmed in Beirut, Lebanon, the video follows an increasingly tense day in the life of a couple. Watch “Runaway”:

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Review of Electric Youth's new full length LP 'Innerworld',

Review of Electric Youth’s ‘Innerworld’

The soundtrack to the noiry action-thriller Drive is often referred to as if it boasted a mixtape’s worth of chilly synth-pop when in actuality, there were only a handful of songs in it outside of Cliff Martinez’s. Those few songs thoughcounted big, and garnered a healthy boost in interest to all of the artists involved (except for maybe Italian composer Riz Ortolani, who you should do yourself a favor:

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