Drenge consists of two brothers, Eoin Loveless and Rory Loveless, from Sheffield. They’ve been playing riffy garage post-punk, not too dissimilar to The White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, and Pulled Apart By Horses, since 2010. They cite their influences as: £0.00, England vs Argentina 1998, and Antisocial Behaviour Orders.

Alice Severin Interviews UK duo Drenge for Northern Transmissions on the eve of their North American tour, as well as the release of their debut album

Alice Severin Interviews UK Duo Drenge

I don’t know, I mean there have been big things we’ve had to adjust to but we’ve kind of moved along steadily so that it seems like less of a big deal. So playing in front of a 10,000 whatever capacity crowd at Glastonbury wasn’t actually that daunting, for,

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DRENGE Share New Video + US Tour, DRENGE'S self-titled album is now out on Infectious Records, they play their next show this week at Glastonbury Festival

DRENGE Share New Video + US Tour

Today, UK duo DRENGE have shared a new video for their single “Face Like A Skull (live from Sheffield, Plug). Drenge explains the significance of this song in their performances – “It’s the song where the drum kit,

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DRENGE Share New Video For 'Fuckabout', The single will be released Feb 24 on 'Infectious'. DRENGE play February 19th in Birmingham, UK.

DRENGE Share New Video For ‘Fuckabout’

In March, DRENGE release their newest single “Fuckabout” – which is probably as close to a ballad as Drenge are ever likely to get, a ramshackle love song gone awry with Eoin singing “I don’t give a f*** about people in love/ they don’t piss me off/ they just make me give up” over seesawing guitars which recall Smashing Pumpkins circa,

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DRENGE unveil video for new single 'Nothing' watch below, out Nov 11th on Mad Mark / Infectious

DRENGE unveil video for new single ‘Nothing’

On the eve of the release of their latest single “Nothing”, Drenge unveil their new video, a typically wry and oblique clip showcasing, of all things, teenage gymnasts. Strangely, set against the soundtrack of one of their heaviest tracks to date.

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