Cutting through the swathe of world-class punk coming out of Atlanta these days is no mean feat, but Dasher manage to distinguish themselves by virtue of stellar songwriting and a unique sonic palette. The power trio is led by singer/drummer Kylee Kimbrough, and her distinctive, rasping voice both rises above, and finds succor within, the maelstrom conjured by the band. Kylee’s powerful drumming is the constant within the noise-drenched swirl provided by bassist David Michaud and guitarist Kelly Stroup.

Dasher share their "Soviet", their New 7" out October

Dasher Premiere their new single “Soviet”

Last year Dasher released their self-released demo Yeah I Know. The demo is a collection of catchy punk indebted to ‘90s touchstones such as Archers of Loaf and My Bloody Valentine, but filtered through a gritty southern hardcore aesthetic. Dasher capture a sense of the south’s old-world doom and it give:

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