Dada Plan share their new single "Over When You Die," from their new album 'A Dada Plan Is For Free'

Dada Plan Share Single “Over When You Die”

Dada Plan’s serious yet surreal sound is captured in a whirl of saxophones, drum machines, congas and synths on their new single “Over When You Die.” These Vancouver natives sew the lineage of American outsider pop to hip hop fundamentals, beautifully weaving together influences like The Velvet Underground to Hieroglyphics. Musically influenced by the unconventional arrangements of early Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt:

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Dada Plan share their new single "Dada Plan Is Free

Dada Plan share single “A Dada Plan Is Free”

A band called Dada Plan had ventured north to the Great Bear Rainforest from Vancouver. This forest has answers you see! Once threatened by industrial logging, the Great Bear’s old growth ecosystem now faces complete obliteration from this preventable disaster. Didn’t our elected officials:

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