Coma Cinema is an American indie pop band, that was formed by Mat Cothran in 2005. Cothran began writing songs for the band during his high school days in Spartanburg, but the band is now based in Columbia, South Carolina

Coma Cinema release new single, album out tomorrow on Fork And Spoon Records

Coma Cinema shares new song, “Virgin Veins”

Spartanburg, SC is the tenth most miserable place in the United States, according to research organization Gallup. Nearly 51 percent of its residents are classified as suffering by Gallup, plagued by failing schools, beset by low median incomes

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Coma Cinema's Posthumous Release to comeout June 7 to come out

Coma Cinema “Posthumous Release” Out 6/11

It’s where Mat Cothran grew up, and where he started writing songs as Coma Cinema, singing simple guitar songs onto an old handheld tape recorder. His bedroom pop songs were characterized by an odd tension: hypnotizing and gentle arrangements and weighty, often visceral and occasionally morbid stream-of-consciousness-style lyrics

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