Their latest single “Film Club” was inspired by Childcare singer/songwriter Ed Cares’ trips to cinematic gatherings in order to impress a fellow attendee – evolves from unruly beginnings into a lick-laden dual-person narrative rich in celluloid reference. Set this to a jagged guitar refrain and riotous global beat, mixed in with a love of Brit pop.

In 2014 and Ed Cares sits contemplating the formation of an oxbow lake. Despite being one of west London’s most in-demand male nannies, Ed isn’t entirely content with his lot. But, overheard humming a song he had written years before, Ed is persuaded by Katie, aged six, to form a band. Josh, eight, boldly proclaims: “You’re probably my second favourite artist after Katy Perry.”

And so, after sourcing some neighbourhood musicians capable of living up to Josh’s heady billing — specifically Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums) — Ed now hadan able band to perform with under the only logical moniker in the circumstances: Childcare.

Enthused with the energy of punk, drenched in the off-kilter pop sensibilities of Missy Elliot, the infectiousness of The Police and a by-numbers approach to songcraft akin to Happiness In Magazines-era Graham Coxon, Childcare played some of their first shows at the Reading and Leeds festivals, and soon released their debut single “Omega Grey”.