The members of CCR Headcleaner must be some kind of gutter mutants, spawned from the spores of an alternate-universe San Francisco psych scene that’s less pop and more bong-ripped hedonism. But if the Geneva Jacuzzi-directed video for the sludgy “Steal the Light” is any indication, then maybe the band’s destructively diverse debut, Lace the Earth With Arms Wide Open: 2013, was just formed out of bedroom burnouts.

Ty Segall's FUZZ releases a new split 7" today with CCR Headcleaner for Famous Class' LAMC Series. The release features The Kinks' Till The End of The Day".

Ty Segall’s FUZZ Releases A New Split 7″

Famous Class’ Less Artists More Condos series releases a new single today of FUZZ covering The Kink’s “Till The End of The Day”, with CCR Headcleaner rounding out the latest Famous Class’ 7″ series, All digital proceeds go to charity to the Ariel Panero VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

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