East Nashville power-pop trio Carey just announced their debut self-titled EP, out March 11th via Old Flame Records (Potty Mouth, Cloud Nothings, Ski Lodge). Recorded to tape, the EP layers tight, hooky melodies over fuzzy guitar riffs.
Today, Noisey premiered Carey’s track “You Were Right,” saying the band “sounds like what you’d get if you mixed Pinkerton-era Weezer with some poppy chords and a little Modern Baseball-like self-deprecation”
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Influenced by Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, and fellow Nashvillians Bully, Carey identifies themself as “Carport Rock.” “We wanted to avoid making music that felt pretentious or not-inclusive,” frontman Bryan Davidson explains. “I wanted the songs to feel relatable and tried to find a balance between fuzzy, upbeat power-pop music and some of the more serious lyrical ideas. The idea of ‘Carport Rock’ came from us realizing our music didn’t really fit in with the sweaty, dude-rock world of garage rock.”