fter the disintegration of Chicago’s blues-rock innovators Red Red Meat, the band’s four remaining members struck out on their own, initiating several varied endeavors but never straying too far from their home base, or each other. Ben Massarella and Tim Rutili revived their Perishable Records imprint, Brian Deck opened the Clava recording studios, adjacent to the Perishable offices, and Tim Hurley recorded and released his own Sin Ropas project on the resurrected label. Amid the flurry of activity, all four also found the time to contribute to the ill-fated A&M-commissioned Loftus LP. While enduring the fluctuation between crisis and monotony inherent in the daily operation of a small, independent record label, Rutili began work on his next musical project, Califone.

Califone Shares New Video For "Movie Music Kills A Kiss". Califone will hit the road with The Luyas and William Tyler starting January 6th.

Califone Shares New Video For “Movie Music”

Califone recently released a string of videos: a voyeuristic apartment building tumble for “Frosted Tips,” a live 11-minute version of “Bells Break Arms,” “We are a Payphone” directed by Amber Benson (BtVS) and Angela Bettis, and now a haunting video for “Movie Music Kills a Kiss.” Directed by and featuring Angela Bettis,

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