Cabaret Voltaire were a British music group from Sheffield, England. Initially composed of Stephen Mallinder, Richard H. Kirk, and Chris Watson, the group was named after the Cabaret Voltaire, a nightclub. Their earliest performances were Dada-influenced performance art, but Cabaret Voltaire later developed into one of the most prolific and important groups to blend pop with dance music, techno, dub, house and experimental electronic music

CABARET VOLTAIRE announce details of the first live performance in 20 years at Berlin Atonal festival #7885 (Electropunk to Technopop 1978 - 1985) out now

CABARET VOLTAIRE detail live performance

Cabaret Voltaire have announced a rare live performance, the first in over 20 years, at the Berlin Atonal festival on 23 August 2014.With a line up now consisting solely of machines, multi-screen projections and Richard H Kirk,

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Cabaret Voltaire will release "Red Mecca Vinyl" Box Set via Mute Records July 22

Cabaret Voltaire To Release Red Mecca Vinyl

Red Mecca was produced at Western Works, Sheffield, and, although rioting at this time hadn’t reached Cabaret Voltaire’s hometown, it was a particularly incendiary time across Britain and the tension was explicit through the news media

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