What better place to create the ultimate driving album than Los Angeles, where Brian Reitzell lives and works? You might not immediately recognize his name, but you’ll certainly have stumbled across at least one corner of his massive portfolio, whether as the drummer in Redd Kross and Air, or as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after music supervisors and composers. In the past couple of years, he’s worked on Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land,the television series Hannibal and Boss, the mind blowing new video game Watch Dogs; he’s scored Elizabeth Price’s video installation West Hinder, and has collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never on various scores. Brian has turned music supervision into a creative practice (he thinks of himself as a ‘music conceptualist’), not only using his impeccable music taste to select more eclectic and adventurous cuts than you normally hear on screen, but also commissioning and producing new music from some of rock and pop’s most reticent geniuses. He persuaded My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields out of obscurity for Lost In Translation and secretly commissioned new music from Mark Hollis, the reclusive former singer of Talk Talk, for a snippet of which was used on Boss.