Born Gold is the high-energy, futuristic noise-pop project of pop experimentalist Cecil Frena. Caught in a highly idiosyncratic dialogue between harsh noise, future-leaning electronic music, indie rock signifiers and mainstream pop, Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble) conjures stuttering, blown-out and chopped guitar peals, erratic, bubbling synth arpeggios, crunked-out, sparkling 808 hats and bursts of meticulously processed digital noise. Oh, and hooks, hooks, hooks.

Born Gold’s debut LP/mixtape Bodysongs, arriving September 20th, 2011 on Hovercraft / Crash Symbols, is a selected singles compilation of uncompromising and infectious danceable pop anthems. In the live context, Born Gold’s highly danceable pop songs are transformed into something like an ecstatic, surreal dream sequence: bandmates bash away on pots and pans, smash shovels together, percuss on hockey helmets and generally get a party started unlike any other.

Born Gold runs with Canada’s shadowy futurepop collective Hovercraft (Purity Ring, Kuhrye-oo).

Cecil Frena AKA 'Born Gold' does an interview with Northern Transmissions. 'Born Gold' is on tour through November.

Interview With Cecil Frena AKA ‘Born Gold’

I guess fundamentally it varies from song to song. I think that I would have to describe it as pop music. My real goal is to create pop music, to record it, and truly understand it. My background was always in punk and hardcore. I really have always loved pop,

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