Bon Villan has debuted their debut single “Outta Cash”. The track was recorded and produced out of a small shared studio space in Toronto’s East York. Bon Villan share the space with good friends, Ginger Ale and the Monowhales and we’re fortunate enough to have the single produced by The Monowhales’ very own Jordan Circosta and Zach Zanardo. As a newly formed band, this was the first time they were recording together and through the process they ultimately learned how to support and encourage the best work out of each other. The experience was also new because the writing and recording processes had really become one in the same. The single took shape as they consistently recorded and tested ideas slowly developing a useable demo. The final recording process was an experimental time that centred around developing and manipulating many of the sounds captured while creating the demo. Without such fine lines between the writing and recording phase, the two processes inevitably influenced each other in unexpected ways. Working in this way had its challenges but ultimately the experience was an exciting and rewarding learning process. Phil Spencer of Union Sound mixed the single and added some last minute touches that took the tune to a whole other level.

Quote from band on the single:

“Outta Cash” was inspired by our feelings towards personal growth and youthful defiance. Everyone has their own challenges, and everyone experiences confrontation. A lot of things get in the way of growing into who you want to be, which is why it’s so easy to forget to be yourself. It’s important for us to never forget who we are, even when we mess up. We want people to remember that time when they thought “I knew I was right about that” but also that time they thought “wow I couldn’t have been more wrong”. These are both good experiences, and overall, we want people to feel good about themselves when they hear “Outta Cash”.