Black Wine is comprised of these 3 people: J Nixon on bass guitar and vocals, Jeff Schroeck on guitar and vocals, and Miranda Taylor on drums and vocals. They share songwriting responsibilities. They sound like a lot of bands that you have heard of, but they like to think of themselves as “no-core.” As in, no particular brand of music. They play all kinds of music and prefer to not be forced into sounding like one thing. Some frequently visited song topics include: myths, hoaxes, ghosts, Catholicism, Halloween, time-travel, comedians, misanthropy, past mistakes, and cats. They are signed to Don Giovanni Records and have all been playing in the area since the 90’s.

Black Wine Share 1st Single, Announce LP Out 8/12 via Don Giovanni Records

Black Wine Share 1st Single, Announce LP

Black Wine is preparing to release their fourth studio album, Yell Boss, on August 12 via Don Giovanni Records. Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey, the band is comprised of Jeff Schroeck on guitar, J Nixon on bass and Miranda Taylor,

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