Beaty Heart formed in 2010 as a four-piece video-art and music collective based in Peckham, South East London. After a year of bedroom recordings and strange and wonderful live sets, the collective has now developed into a band. With their organic percussive sound clashes, and their use of lush samples and vocal loops, they have been described as a mixture of Battles, Panda Bear, Gang Gang Dance, Flying Lotus and Konono No1. Their studio experiences this year have brought the underlying pop sensibilities their live show always contained to the surface.

Beaty Heart debuts "Lekka Freakout", prepping LP for Nusic Sounds

Beaty Heart Debuts “Lekka Freakout”, Prep LP

Peckham psych-pop trio, Beaty Heart, have announced the first single “Lekka Freakout” to be lifted from their upcoming debut album Mixed Blessings. Due out on November 11 “Lekka Freakout” is the first body of work to be released by the band since previous single ‘Seafood’ and marks the journey towards their debut album.

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