After leaving both critics and the dancefloor in awe with his 2012 debut album “Orbiting”, Jeremy Guindo aka Bambounou returns to 50WEAPONS in full length with “CENTRUM”.

While his debut album painted a futuristic extraterrestrial picture, Guindo now tries to explore what the future would look like on earth:

“For CENTRUM, the concept is a little bit different, it’s back on earth, still in the future and it’s not so bright. Have you seen Akira or read Dune or even Foundation? It’s this kind of vibe for me”, he states.
Hold on for a sec – outlining a dark future in a Techno full length, hasn’t that already been done? Not in that manner. The concept of a future where everything is in order and where no one can get out of the system comes to mind when listening to the record.

“Composer” is a perfect example of this, as you listen to the grooves, the image of a conveyor belt for production or transport unfolds itself. Guindo uses tinkering electro synths (real electro, look up Detroit for further reference) throughout the album that lead the listener into a trance state which is then interrupted by slamming percussions of tracks like “Each Other” (look out, dancefloors of the world, this one will leave no one standing).