The hormonally charged pop music of Babes is simply an extension of the hormonally charged people who make it – keyboardist Sarah Rayne, birth brothers Aaron and Zach Leigh, and figurative blood brothers Bryan Harris and Jeffrey Baird. Their music encompasses the past five decades of pop music – from Brill Building to the grimiest Los Angeles punk basements.

Babes announce debut album "Untitled (Five Tears)" out October 30th via Barsuk Records

Babes announce debut album

Babes—the pop-rock family five-piece from Los Angeles—makes their full-length debut with Untitled (Five Tears), out October 30 on Barsuk Records. lead single “I’ve Got…

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Babes Premiere ATMO Video, Self Titled EP out now on Harvest Records, North American Tour Dates

Babes Premiere ‘ATMO’ Video, EP Out Now

“We just wanted something that fades away quickly and leaves you with just the music and visuals.” She muses her ideal crowd would be “1,000 people crying, I want everyone to cry.” They consider their fog machine as the sixth Babe, especially after it hazed out the entirety of Portland’s Holocene, a club with 35-foot ceilings. Their ambitions for their stage setup range from “300 puppies on stage” to “stuff on fire.”

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