The ever-anachronistic Ashrae Fax began as a collaboration between long-time friends Renee Mendoza and Alex Chesney. They emerged from the Greensboro, NC underground in 2003 with their first and only full-length album, the recently re-issued Static Crash— which came, by their own admission, both a decade too late and a decade too soon. The album, which featured additional collaborators Mike Soter and Robert Parker, can be taken as a startlingly vivid and relevant sonic relic of its time with its cold electronic textures and paranoiac imagery in a give-take dance with heart-rending melodies and soaring vocals. Though the project is now defunct, both Renee and Alex are currently active in projects like Filthybird and Faster Detail, respectively.

Slumberland reissuing "Static Crash" by Ashrae Fax

Mexican Summer reissuing Ashrae Fax

Static Crash is a collection of Gothic ethereal pop/noise of its kind to rise from the American underground in decades. One could easily believe its origin to be from 1983, or 1993, or even 2013. But its 2003 release found few takers, outside of a small but dedicated local following.

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