Ariana Delawari, talks about her new single “The Warrior.” The track is off her forthcoming release Entelechy, out today.

“The Warrior is a song about overcoming. The song means many different things to me, on a personal level and also on a historical level, because I come from warrior blood. As an Afghan, I come from a culture that was never colonized or conquered. And that part of me is a part of me that I have to call on sometimes in different aspects of life. We all have a warrior inside of us, its a part of us that never gives up and stands for our truth. Butchy Fuego really built the song so that it starts like a heartbeat, then it kicks up and tapers off again. And Miguel Atwood-Ferguson wrote such a beautiful string arrangement for the song. I think they both know on some level what this song means to me. I wrote the short film also called Entelechy, that accompanies this double album, around this song in particular. The themes from the film are connected to the meaning of this song – being a warrior for peace and for a healthy planet. That’s part of the film. Changing our dream to a healthier planet. The other version of the song, on Entelechy II with Salar Nader, is a much more stripped down version. Just me on the piano and Salar playing very heavy sparse percussion.”