Growing up in an era of home studios and budget audio equipment, Andrei thrives in pulling expensive sounds from unlikely places. Self-taught in recording, he’s just as comfortable tracking drums in a shed as he is behind a 48-channel Neve mixing console or creating custom guitar amp simulations from scratch on his Fractal Audio Axefx. It’s this flexibility that makes him one of the most relevant engineers in today’s quickly changing music industry.

Given that Andrei is a freelance engineer, you have the option to work with him to find a studio that suits both the budget and vibe of your production. In addition, he works full-time at The Alley, a purpose-built overdub studio that provides the perfect high quality recording solution for guitars, vocals, percussion, synths and more.

Andrei grew up as a composer and avid music fan, writing/performing and analysing pop, metal, progressive rock, alternative, jazz, electronica, avant-garde, ambient, experimental, folk, bluegrass, country, indie and many more genres. In short, if you bring in your music he’ll know how it should sound in the real world, making sure you connect with your fans and realise your full musical potential.